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Implementation of innovative technologies to increase oil recovery, in particular EOR techniques, requires scientific and expert support from the very beginning of the project. The final result of the technology implementation will depend on the correctness of making certain decisions at the planning stage.

PM Industrial provides comprehensive expert and analytical support of EOR projects:

1. Assessment of the geological characteristics of objects, the current state of development in order to select the most promising candidates for the EOR implementation:

— gathering of information about potential implementation objects;
— analysis of the reservoir and formation fluids properties;
— analysis of the history and current state of objects development;
— ranking and selection of the most promising objects for implementation;
— selection of the most suitable experimental sites for pilot works.

2. Evaluation of the current state of the surface facilities and the technical status of field equipment at potential objects for EOR implementation:

— specialists on-site visits to the potential objects in order to analyze the current state of the surface facilities, evaluate the technical state of wells, water and electricity supply systems, the possibility of placing and connecting the EOR injection plant;
— design of an enlarged process flow diagram (PFD), including justification of the equipment and engineering systems composition, requirements for the layout, operation parameters, placement and safety;
— development of recommendations on the necessary production logging tests (PLT) and pressure transient analysis and operations before, after and during the pilot project implementation.

3. Preliminary analysis, technical and economic feasibility assessment for EOR implementation:

— overview of the world's best practices of various technical and technological solutions in EOR implementation, based on the characteristics of the selected object;
— screening of chemical agents for laboratory studies based on the characteristics of the pilot area;
— top-level evaluation of capital (CAPEX) and operational (OPEX) expenditures raised by EOR project implementation;
— calculation of preliminary investment efficiency (NPV, IRR, payback periods);
— preparation of a preliminary feasibility analysis for EOR project implementation.

4. Effectiveness analysis of implemented pilot projects and feasibility study of EOR technologies upscaling:

— analysis of planned pilot project technological and economic indicators performance;
— efficiency evaluation of injection equipment, engineering networks, water treatment systems;
— development of recommendations for the subsequent EOR techniques upscaling;
— elaboration of capital and operational costs for subsequent EOR techniques upscaling;
— estimation and evaluation of technological and economic efficiency forecast indicators;
— preparation of the final feasibility report of EOR techniques upscaling.

5. Hydrodynamic simulation of polymer and surfactant-polymer flooding is performed on customer’s request to clarify the visualization of technical and economic calculations

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