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For more than 10 years , PM Industrial has been specializing in the integrated implementation of polymer and surfactant-polymer flooding technologies, including the Company produces surfactants for the implementation of CMOON (SP and ASP) technologies.

With years of experience, PM Industrial specialists have developed a line of surfactants showing high efficiency comparable to the products of leading foreign manufacturers.

PM Industrial production is characterized by a high level of localization: production facilities are located entirely in Russia; surfactant products are obtained from Russian raw materials in the process of well-established manufacturing processes. This allows to:

  • achieve a significantly lower cost of surfactants relative to foreign analogues;
  • transmit the technological effect from the laboratory to the field;
  • eliminate the risks of supply disruption;
  • reduce logistics costs.

The company's production facilities allow to produce products in the amount of more than 10,000 tons/year. Available equipment enables to multiply the volume of products in a short time.

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