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PM Industrial is engaged in the design, manufacture and operation of dedicated equipment for chemical compositions injection in various configurations. The main functional purpose of the equipment is the injection of polymer and surfactant-polymer solutions into wells with the preservation of their rheological properties.

Based on many years of field experience, PM Industrial specialists have developed an equipment configuration that allows to avoid mechanical, thermal and chemical destruction of chemical compositions

  • In order to avoid mechanical degradation associated with the impact of high shear stress at high injection rates and significant pressure drops, special attention in equipment design is paid to the selection of pumping units, mixers, pressure control valves, as well as the design and parameters of agitators in maturation tanks to ensure minimal shear loads on the injected agent throughout the entire technological process.
  • To avoid chemical degradation associated with the generation of free radicals due to the presence of various chemicals in the supplied water (a combination of dissolved oxygen and iron), the entire technological process of dispersion, dissolution and maturation is blanketed with nitrogen to avoid oxygen ingress.
  • In order to avoid thermal degradation caused by an increase of the hydrolysis degree with respect to temperature and time, PM Industrial specialists have developed technical solutions allowing to prepare polymer solution with the preservation of rheological properties even in the presence of an exceptionally high temperature water source.

An important advantage of PM Industrial equipment is its modular design. The equipment is mounted in maritime containers in full compliance with ISO standards and does not apply to an object of capital construction, therefore, its placement and installation on a well site does not require additional permits and approvals for capital construction from the Ministry of Construction (Minstroy) and additional approvals from Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostechnadzor), which significantly accelerates project commissioning and implementation.

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