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Business seminar "Peculiarities of doing business in Iran"

June 27, 2019

On Thursday, June 27, 2019, a business seminar "Peculiarities of doing business in Iran" was held at the Single Entrepreneurship Center. Speakers were: Shestakov V., chief specialist of the "Center for Entrepreneurship Support and Development"; Sharov A.M., director of the RusIranExpo Group of Companies; Sveshnikova T.A., Head of Exhibitions and Marketing Department, RusIranExpo Group of Companies. The seminar was attended by companies from the oil and gas, transport, IT and other sectors. Interesting facts about doing business in Iran: Sanctioned products, despite the import ban, enter the Iranian market through the Kish Island; The Iran Oil Show, organized by NIOC, is held annually at the beginning of May; Participation in the exhibition is expensive: in addition to the participation fee, the rental of an exhibition space, or pavilion, costs approximately 1000 Euro per 1 m2, the minimum rental area is 12 m2. Due to the high cost, companies are uniting in their efforts in order to be able to participate in the exhibition; Iran is one of the leading countries in the consumption of cosmetics. The process of applying for an Iranian visa does not require special documents or complicated procedures. It will be your advantage to have an invitation letter from an Iranian company; Iranian companies are willing to use facsimile; Foreign individual. does not have the right to buy property in Iran; China is a major player in the Iranian oilfield services market, the main competitor; Companies registered in the Pardis Technopark have the possibility of tax exemption for up to 20 years. East is a delicate matter.

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